Welcome to the website of ‘kindertherapie Lef’. I, Femke Soethoudt, work independently with children and their parents. I work as a child psychologist, orthopedagogue and integrative therapist. I am not bound by any theory or method, but I have been broadly educated. I assess the child and the situation and compose a therapy for that particular child’s needs. I trust the wisdom and power of the child and the people around it. I support the family for a short time in order for them to find relaxation and self confidence in the child as well as the parents. Small changes can have positive effects so the family can rapidly continue on their own.

Corona: In current Corona times, I work, depending on need and safety, online, by telephone or in the practice. Online I use the AVG-proof Clickdoc. My practice is spacious, so keeping the distance is possible. Furthermore, we wash hands at the beginning and end of the sessions.

Good to know:

  • I do not have a waiting list, so therapy can start quickly.
  • I do not diagnose. I immediatly start therapy. If I see symptoms of a disorder, I will discuss the pros an cons of a further investigation elsewhere with you.
  • Therapy with me is more than just talking. I work body oriented and I work with play a lot.

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'The changes were bigger than I expected' - Father of an eleven-year-old girl

'The problem is solved and my daughter is singing again' - Father of a seven-year-old girl

'‘The head of the school of my son asked what we were doing. He saw a big improvement in the behaviour of my son' - Mother of an eight-year-old boy

'My son has almost no tantrums anymore and is doing socially a lot better at school. He has a lot of friends now. And he has the courage now to stand in front of the class, the problem he came for.' - Mother of a nine-year-old boy

photo of the interior of the practice