For children

Sometimes you don’t feel happy. Of course that’s part of life. Sometimes stupid things happen and you can feel pretty bad. But sometimes this bad feeling stays around for too long or keeps coming back for no good reason. Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

For example:

You can’t sleep because you feel anxious and your head is so full of thoughts.

You hate the noises in your class and you can’t concentrate.

Your parents divorced and since then you get mad about stupid little things.

You are too afraid of making mistakes, although your head knows it’s ok.

Your stomach hurts any time you have to meet new people.

And so on. Everybody has something else. You can have the most silly problems and I am curious to hear about yours. We will look together at your problems and feelings and what possible solutions there are. You have to be brave, because some feelings are not easy to look at. But that’s why it’s important that we also look for your strengths and use them in our quest together.

photo of the interior of the practice

What we will do in our sessions is up to the both of us. We can talk, but most of the time it is more powerful and more fun to use other methods besides talking. Play is a great way to solve problems from the inside. We can play with lego or playmobil, stuffed animals, clay, swords, castles, monsters or the boxing ball or trampoline. We can also draw or you may bring your own toys. I also have little mats, which are very helpful, that can represent a feeling.

Other important stuff:

  • What you tell me in private will not be told to your parents or anybody else without your permission
  • I love to laugh and have fun!