For whom

I work with children and teens in the age-range from about four until eighteen years old. I work with children that are not feeling well emotionally and who are stuck in thoughts or behaviour that is not helpful. I see a lot of problems as a symptom for something else. I will always look for the underlying problem and work in this area. The problem you come with can often be a good starting point to look further. Generally, I work towards self-confidence and relaxation. I also work with children and teens with a (light) mental disability.

Problems I work with are (among other problems):

  • low self-confidence
  • trauma (possibly with EMDR)
  • dealing with (high)sensitivity or being gifted
  • all kinds of fears
  • anger, frustration, aggression
  • being bullied or bullying
  • social problems, feeling lonely
  • divorced parents
  • grief
  • dealing with a disability, feeling different
  • problems with sleeping, eating, defecating
  • pain without a medical cause, tics
composition of cards with personal written expressions of courage